​​SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY -  Dr. Qualls has worked in the field of Sports Psychology including consulting with NFL Football teams and Players, Universities, and Athletic Clubs since 2006.  Dr. Qualls brings expertise in human learning to assist players and teams in achieving peak performance.  Dr. Qualls has sports psychology experience in Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, and Tennis.

Player Learning Style Assessment- Using valid and reliable tests and measures of human cognition, individual players are objectively assessed and rated  to determine mental strengths and learning styles. This  highly valuable information is gathered via face to face assessment and interview  with the player and a written report is generated in terms understandable and highly relevant to the specific sport.  This aids coaching of a player by helping to target coaching techniques to the player's uniques learning style and areas of mental strength.  

Team Consulting - Dr. Qualls  has a well established history of assisting to build team unity, reduce locker room conflict, assist in promoting healthy off-the-field  behaviors, and helping with the integration of diverse personality style and talents of the individual players into the team as a whole.  Dr. Qualls bring over 20 year of experience in human behavior and neuropsychology to assist teams in achieving the goal OF WINNING. 

Individual Player Consulting - Dr. Qualls works individually with players seeking to improve sports performance, by improving mental strength, ability to sharply focus attention and concentration, to bounce back more quickly from adversity, and to achieve a greater sense of overall wellness.